Alshon Jeffery Suspended 4 games


Wide Reciver Alshon Jeffery, of the Chicago Bears, was suspended 4 games without pay for violating the NFL policy on performance enhancing substances (PEDs).  This is a huge blow for the Bears obviously, but even more so for Alshon.  He was just two games back coming off an injury and starting to get his groove back and then this happened.  Not to mention that he is playing on a 1 year franchise tag seeking a multi year contract at the end of this football season.  In all likelihood the Bears are going to let Alshon walk out the door when the season comes to an end.  There’s no doubt they wanted to bring back Alshon next year and work out a deal, but with injuries and now this suspension I just don’t see them making that move.  Alshon will definitely be a top free agrent this offseason, but for the same reasons as the Bears, many teams will be hesistant to give this young wide reciever the multi year contract that he will be seeking.

As someone who grew upin Chicago and in my lifetime not seen many super stars play for the Chicago Bears on the offensive side of the ball, this is a huge blow from a fans perspective.  Alshon is a young stud whom we have still yet to see him reach his full potential. Remember those words.

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Romo named backup QB for Cowboys

It finally happened.  The Cowboys have officially named Tony Romo as the backup QB to Dak Prescott.  We all seen this move coming for weeks now, but everyone was anxious to see if Jerry Jones would stick to his boy wonder, Tony Romo.  Romo held a press conference today addressing him being the backup for Prescott and it was on of the greatest speeches of passing the torch in NFL history (in my opinion of course).  Romo has shown the upmost class, even though like he said in his words that, “the fire has not died, but only gotten bigger”.  Romo will ride this wave with Dallas til the end of this season, but will most likely be heading to another team come the offseason.

I was never a Romo fan, but after what he said today I have a new found respect for the guy.  He definitely has a 2 or 3 more good years in him before he retires and I wish him nothing, but the best of luck.  He is the defintion of a true class act.

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TNF Preview: Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens

This is my first blog covering the Cleveland Browns. I tried to stay away because the Browns have been the definition of mediocrity this year, but the time has come!

First things first, look at these sick Browns and Ravens color rush uniforms!

These are definitely on my top 5 list of best color rush uniforms no doubt.

Ok back to business.  Browns are looking to avenge last year’s loss to Ravens, where the Ravens blocked and returned a field goal that would’ve won the Browns the game.

Still hard to get over that loss, but it was as meaningful a game as this week’s game is, which is none whatsoever. Ravens need to stay in the playoff hunt, and Browns need to get 1 win so the front office doesn’t even think of firing Huey and his staff.

Personally, I love what the Browns have going on right now, it’s like a trial run for who’s worth keeping around for when this team turns it around. I have to give props to my guy Cody Kessler, dude has been given a shit hand and he’s making the most of it.

Now, if we go fucking winless then he’s out without a doubt (yes I made that rhyme intentionally). Ravens had quite the optimism coming into the season with all the returning and acquired veterans coming back, but so far have proven to be too worn down with their age.

I hate the term “trap game” but this has this game has that written all over it. Not sure why, but older veteran teams don’t perform well on Thursday nights and Thursday games are usually a sloppy affair.

Browns are primed to be competitive and WIN this game! Ravens are coming off a high beating Pittsburgh and just might be over confident. I haven’t seen anything from the Ravens on offense or defense that shows me they are a legit playoff team. If they beat the Browns they will be in sole possession of the AFC north, which starts the conversation of them being a playoff team at this point of the season.

However, if they lose it only proves my point that they are indeed not a playoff team. It’s still up in the air for which the Browns starting QB will be, but I reckon it’ll be rookie QB Cody Kessler who will be put to the prime time test.

The Browns average 341 offensive yards per game, whereas their defense allows among the league worst 421 yards per game.  The Ravens offense is primed to put up some big yardage against the Browns secondary, but I fully expect the Browns to apply pressure on Joe Flacco and the Ravens horrible O-line.

Browns have proven that they can put up points against their opponents, but their problem all year has been finishing games strong.  Not saying they are going to turn around and finish this season strong, but they are better than their record shows.

In this matchup turnovers will be the downfall for the loser of this game. If the Browns win I expect it to be a close affair all the way to the end.

My Prediction: Browns-20    Ravens-16

2016 NFL Midseason Awards

2016 NFL Midseason awards!

Oh yeah! It’s that time of the year for midseason awards! Who’s all hype? Who’s under the radar? Who cares! It’s only midseason! But I think there are some clear cut winners, and some with more time will take the award from these projected winners.  So without further ado, here are my midseason award winners and runner ups!

MVP- Matt Ryan, QB, Atlanta Falcons

Yep, Matty ice is back and leading his team to relevancy again. His defense ranks 30th in the league which is mostly why they are always in such tight games down the stretch. His 5-3 record doesn’t scream MVP, but his league leading 2,636 passing yards and 19 TDs definitely do.

Runner up: Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots

Even though Brady has only played a quarter of games so far this season, his numbers are undeniable. He has yet to throw an INT and already has 12 passing TDs, along with 1,319 passing yards. I’ve said in previous blogs, Brady is playing his best football ever and it’s a great time to be a Pats fan.

Offensive Player of the Year: David Johnson, RB, Arizona

Johnson leads the NFL in scrimmage yards with 1,112. The rest of the Cardinals offensive scrimmage yards is 2,042! This guy is putting these wounded birds on his back, literally!  Must be pretty nice to have a guy to lean on day in and day with that I give you your OPOY.

Runner up: Demarco Murray, RB, Tennessee Titans

We have another workhorse tailback who is the offense’s key go to player. Murray is second in the NFL in rushing yards and third in rushing TDs (756, 6).  He’s carrying the ball more than 20 times a game, and bulldozing over defenders effortlessly. His numbers are projected to nearly match his 2014 campaign where he was the OPOY.

Defensive Player of the Year: Marcus Peters, CB, Kansas City Chiefs

Peters is one of the best young talents in the NFL.  He is the league leader in and INTs and also has 16 pass deflections! This comes to no surprise since Peters put up similar numbers last year and shutdown some of the league’s top wide outs. However, some were quick to call it a fluke year or to expect a sophomore slump as more teams looked to expose this young CB. Given the evidence, he is hurdling over    that sophomore slump and other defensive backs to becoming one of the league’s top shutdown cornerbacks.

Runner up: Leonard Williams, DT, New York Jets

Ok, now I’m aware his team is hot garbage and has vastly underperformed so far this year. Regardless of all that, no one can deny what a monster year this guy is having. He has been un-guardable playing as a interior defensive lineman. Williams has 6 sacks and 2 forced fumbles this season. Now one may argue that Cliff Avril’s 7.5 sacks is more worthy, but not me. Avril has loads of help on all levels on the Seattle defense. Williams has dominated since switching from DE to DT and is a big part of the Jets run defense being formidable.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Ezekiel Elliot, RB, Dallas Cowboys

Zeke has been a nonstop show stopper since the season started. Not only does he lead the league in rushing yards, but he is the heart of the Dallas Cowboys offense.  He allows and gives Dak the luxury of taking the pressure off him because he is the one to lean on throughout the game. This guy gives the Cowboys the total package, he produces from them is in the passing game as well. Whether he’s going out for catches and making plays in the open space or standing next to Dak in pass pro formation blocking for him.

Runner up: Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys

I know, I know how lame of me to pick TWO Cowboys for this award. Believe me it pains me to write this and let alone admit what the Cowboys are right now and becoming. Now, everything I said about Zeke being Daks crutch is true, BUT last week’s game versus the Eagles in prime time changed my mind. Yes, I said Wentz is the better QB and still stand by that, but that’s another discussion l and right now we’re discussing Dak. In a game where he underperformed and tried forcing a lot of balls in the air, he came in the clutch for this team when they needed it most. The Cowboys needed Dak to tie the game before the end of regulation and he did. Then, when they got the ball in the beginning of overtime, they needed him yet again to deliver again and he DID. I was shocked to see Dak take command and deliver those passes to win the game in that fashion. I’m sold on the Dak Prescott experiment, not just because of him, but because of what these Cowboys are as a whole.

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Jalen Ramsey, CB, Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars are a hot mess this season. With all of their young talent underperforming, it has been hard to find bright spots for this team.  One of the clear bright spots though is their pass defense.  It ranks in the top half of the league, and the Jaguars have spent a lot of money this offseason for exactly that.  Besides the assistance of Gipson and the prince, Jalen has more than held his own against opposing offense.  He has been targeted the most out of anyone on the Jaguars roster, and even though he has yet to make an INT, he has made plenty of big plays to keep the Jaguars competitive.  Still a lot of season for the young stud to go and make big plays.

Runner up: Joey Bosa, DE, San Diego Chargers

Even though Bosa has not played in every game this season, he debuted with a monster splash!  He recorded two sacks in his debut game, and has dominated offensive lineman in every game thus far.  By the end of the season I can see this guy being the actual defensive rookie of the year, but for right now runner up it is.

Coach of the Year: Bill Belichick, Head Coach, New England Patriots

Belichick has yet again proven to us why he is the football genius of our generation.  Without Brady he managed a 3-1 record and the Patriots are undefeated since their week 3 loss.  They have put up dominant numbers and are THE team to beat in the NFL right now.

Runner up: Jason Garrett, Head Coach, Dallas Cowboys

Garrett took what some thought out to be a hopeless Dallas team with a 5 star running back and great offensive line and turned into the best team in the NFC.  When Romo went down, Garrett trained and prepared Prescott to be the Cowboys QB by taking the pressure off of him.  He even made that hopeless Dallas defense competitive and able enough to help out their offense.  Garrett deserves a ton of credit for the Cowboys success.

Comeback Player of the Year: Jordy Nelson, WR, Green Bay

This one is not even close.  Jordy coming back from a severe knee injury is back doing his Jordy thing. Alright, maybe not 100% Jordy, but I’m not blaming this guy for Aaron Rodgers playing like shit this year. Honestly though, 31 receptions for 415 yards and 6 TDs is a damn good start for anyone midway thru the season.

Runner up: Victor Cruz, WR, New York Giants

This is one is fan favorite, unless you’re a Cowboys, Philly, and or Washington fan. There were plenty of other players that could’ve filled this spot, being Cruz’s stats are not very overwhelming. So far this year Cruz has 24 receptions, 331 receiving yards, and 1 TD. Even with those stats, seeing him do the salsa when he scored the lone TD this year, it was just such an awesome football moment for everyone. Especially after the guy spent 2 years trying to get healthy and back on the field to play.

Cleveland snags Collins from Patriots

Yesterday before the NFL trade deadline, the Browns traded for Linebacker Jamie Collins.  They gave up a future 3rd round pick to the patriots for this young stud.  There are a few rumors as to why Belichick and the pats gave up this great player for such a low price.  One of them being that, the Browns offered them the most for the young linebacker. The other rumor is that Belichick and their GM did not want to pay Collins when his contract was up at the end of the year.

When Collins and the patriots started negotions for a long term contract they offered him 10 million a year.  This was not to Collins liking, he was seeking a Von Miller monster contract.  The Browns have a ton of draft picks so they had no problem giving their 3rd round pick to the patriuots for a franchise player.  The Browns this offseason have a 50 million+ cap space this offseason, so money will definitely not be an issue for them.  The only thing that put a long term contract to a hault is if Collins does not want to be with the Browns organizatio, but not many teams can afford to pay him the contract he desires.  My theory is that he stays in Cleveland and cashes in on huge deal.