profile pic.jpegAlex Acosta was born on February 21, 1994.  Grew up in a family with 3 brothers, and raised in both the city of Chicago, and the rural countryside of Wisconsin.  His love was sports was stemed at the tender age of 5 when he was watchiung Brett Favre in his prime dominate the league.  However, never was a packer fan, but more so just a complete geek for the game of football.  From there everything else stated to take form in itself, it went from football to basketball, then onto collegiate sports.  Now, Alex is a complete sports enthusiast and loves abosrbing any knowledge of the game that he can take in, and also pass forth any informatiion that he can as well.

Nowadays, Alex is a student at Illinois Media School.  He is enrolled in a 15 month course program where he is trying to get experience and knowledge in the sports broadcasting industry.  The school he is attending is allowing him to branch out and start to create his own name and image for sports media.  His blogs are a lot more fruitful, and even  created his own personal blog which is this one here on  With this he hopes to be build a foundation of where he hopes to be in sports boradcasting career field.

In the future Alex plans to be somewhere involved in the radio.  His dream is to his own radio show where he can go to work everyday and give his own opinions on the day to day controversies and sporting events going on right now.  Also, someday maybe change his opinion from an average jow opinion to a professional opinion that people recognize and respect at the samew time.  That is the goal, but he is also grown to really love th editing side of this field.  With his schooling he is learning more and more everyday and is gaining a lot of knowledge in that deparment.  So whether it’s being an audio engineer or a host on a radio station, you will be hearing the name Alex Acosta on a radio station in the not so distant future.