Romo named backup QB for Cowboys

It finally happened.  The Cowboys have officially named Tony Romo as the backup QB to Dak Prescott.  We all seen this move coming for weeks now, but everyone was anxious to see if Jerry Jones would stick to his boy wonder, Tony Romo.  Romo held a press conference today addressing him being the backup for Prescott and it was on of the greatest speeches of passing the torch in NFL history (in my opinion of course).  Romo has shown the upmost class, even though like he said in his words that, “the fire has not died, but only gotten bigger”.  Romo will ride this wave with Dallas til the end of this season, but will most likely be heading to another team come the offseason.

I was never a Romo fan, but after what he said today I have a new found respect for the guy.  He definitely has a 2 or 3 more good years in him before he retires and I wish him nothing, but the best of luck.  He is the defintion of a true class act.

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