Alshon Jeffery Suspended 4 games


Wide Reciver Alshon Jeffery, of the Chicago Bears, was suspended 4 games without pay for violating the NFL policy on performance enhancing substances (PEDs).  This is a huge blow for the Bears obviously, but even more so for Alshon.  He was just two games back coming off an injury and starting to get his groove back and then this happened.  Not to mention that he is playing on a 1 year franchise tag seeking a multi year contract at the end of this football season.  In all likelihood the Bears are going to let Alshon walk out the door when the season comes to an end.  There’s no doubt they wanted to bring back Alshon next year and work out a deal, but with injuries and now this suspension I just don’t see them making that move.  Alshon will definitely be a top free agrent this offseason, but for the same reasons as the Bears, many teams will be hesistant to give this young wide reciever the multi year contract that he will be seeking.

As someone who grew upin Chicago and in my lifetime not seen many super stars play for the Chicago Bears on the offensive side of the ball, this is a huge blow from a fans perspective.  Alshon is a young stud whom we have still yet to see him reach his full potential. Remember those words.

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