TNF Preview: Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens

This is my first blog covering the Cleveland Browns. I tried to stay away because the Browns have been the definition of mediocrity this year, but the time has come!

First things first, look at these sick Browns and Ravens color rush uniforms!

These are definitely on my top 5 list of best color rush uniforms no doubt.

Ok back to business.  Browns are looking to avenge last year’s loss to Ravens, where the Ravens blocked and returned a field goal that would’ve won the Browns the game.

Still hard to get over that loss, but it was as meaningful a game as this week’s game is, which is none whatsoever. Ravens need to stay in the playoff hunt, and Browns need to get 1 win so the front office doesn’t even think of firing Huey and his staff.

Personally, I love what the Browns have going on right now, it’s like a trial run for who’s worth keeping around for when this team turns it around. I have to give props to my guy Cody Kessler, dude has been given a shit hand and he’s making the most of it.

Now, if we go fucking winless then he’s out without a doubt (yes I made that rhyme intentionally). Ravens had quite the optimism coming into the season with all the returning and acquired veterans coming back, but so far have proven to be too worn down with their age.

I hate the term “trap game” but this has this game has that written all over it. Not sure why, but older veteran teams don’t perform well on Thursday nights and Thursday games are usually a sloppy affair.

Browns are primed to be competitive and WIN this game! Ravens are coming off a high beating Pittsburgh and just might be over confident. I haven’t seen anything from the Ravens on offense or defense that shows me they are a legit playoff team. If they beat the Browns they will be in sole possession of the AFC north, which starts the conversation of them being a playoff team at this point of the season.

However, if they lose it only proves my point that they are indeed not a playoff team. It’s still up in the air for which the Browns starting QB will be, but I reckon it’ll be rookie QB Cody Kessler who will be put to the prime time test.

The Browns average 341 offensive yards per game, whereas their defense allows among the league worst 421 yards per game.  The Ravens offense is primed to put up some big yardage against the Browns secondary, but I fully expect the Browns to apply pressure on Joe Flacco and the Ravens horrible O-line.

Browns have proven that they can put up points against their opponents, but their problem all year has been finishing games strong.  Not saying they are going to turn around and finish this season strong, but they are better than their record shows.

In this matchup turnovers will be the downfall for the loser of this game. If the Browns win I expect it to be a close affair all the way to the end.

My Prediction: Browns-20    Ravens-16


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