Cleveland snags Collins from Patriots

Yesterday before the NFL trade deadline, the Browns traded for Linebacker Jamie Collins.  They gave up a future 3rd round pick to the patriots for this young stud.  There are a few rumors as to why Belichick and the pats gave up this great player for such a low price.  One of them being that, the Browns offered them the most for the young linebacker. The other rumor is that Belichick and their GM did not want to pay Collins when his contract was up at the end of the year.

When Collins and the patriots started negotions for a long term contract they offered him 10 million a year.  This was not to Collins liking, he was seeking a Von Miller monster contract.  The Browns have a ton of draft picks so they had no problem giving their 3rd round pick to the patriuots for a franchise player.  The Browns this offseason have a 50 million+ cap space this offseason, so money will definitely not be an issue for them.  The only thing that put a long term contract to a hault is if Collins does not want to be with the Browns organizatio, but not many teams can afford to pay him the contract he desires.  My theory is that he stays in Cleveland and cashes in on huge deal.


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