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22This site is about all of the latest sport topics. Specifically, football and basketball for right now since this is a solo site right now. If something’s happening or there is a controversy going on, this is the place to read about. I do not publish something that is not true.  However, there will be future posts that conatain projections, and predictions.  Also, there is no biasts in this site whatsoever, all is fair game.

I am a one man team at the moment so this site will continue to grow and better cover all sports.  As of right now being it’s just me I will stick to what I know best, and research the heck out of what I do not.  If you enjoy gambling, I will be of service for advice on who to take and who not to take, and I just want to apologize in advance if you lose on some of my recommendatioins (I’ll stick to football bets since that is my expertise).  What I know best is football and basketball, so expect a lot of posts covering those particular sports with weekly updates.


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